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“Janani is an experienced Agile Leadership Coach, Organizational Design Consultant for scaling.


She is the founder of Agility Tune up - an Agile leadership & organizational transformation coaching company.  


"I partner with leadership to  tune up their organizations for innovation & speed with rhythm"

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Sunset of Marine City

How can Janani  bring value to your next agile transformation?


The trust & alignment is the best value I can bring in to your transformation. Its what I mastered in my 16 years of  journey from software engineer, project Manager, ScrumMaster, enterprise Agile coach, to founder of Agility Tune up.  Story behind below image is an epitome of trust & alignment. This is the leadership team of Regional Scrum Gathering Sri Lanka 2022  volunteering towards the valuable mission to succeed in Sri Lanka's largest Agile conference ever while conquering myriad of challenges due to the toughest time prevailing in our country. I am the co-chair of conference and serving the team with transformative leadership as their agile coach  


Janani brings unique Tech-Management & Entrepreneurial expertise to your transformation. She has Inspired more than 2000 + agile aspirants from Asia, US & Europe for last 6 years. She has given leadership to global teams with dynamic cultures.

Her expertise in Enterprise, team & life coaching in diverse domains such as banking, telco, ecommerce can bring unique value to your organization


As a leadership and team coach I empathize what really matters most to you and your organization and facilitate co-creation of personalize your agile transformation beyond frameworks and pilot projects with your key stakeholders


I will help you to envision your agile transformation journey in terms of small, valuable increments where you can celebrate quick wins while having long term vision for sustainable change and bigger impact. 

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