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Agile Transformations

Discovering, Aligning, Visioning & Improving Business & Development Value Streams 

Adapting human centered approach for product management to improve patient delight in a large US based Clinical trial platform development Organization

Enterprise Agile Coach Virtusa PVT LTD

Problems - Pains and Objectives

  • Traditional waterfall product development lifecycles

  • Heavy compliance oriented processes and lack of flexibility towards change and innovation

  • Clients ( patients ) have given poor customer delight index for few quarters

Key Challenges during transformation

  • Leadership misalignment around agile transformation

  • Lack of communication and constructive relationship with some leaders

Key Improvements and Results

  • Define NorthStar metrics to measure definition of awesome of vision and arrived tracking and reporting and evaluating mechanics of product lifecycle


  • Introduced Patient centered discovery, and delivery product development process influenced from Design thinking, Scrum and Disciplined Agile


  • Formed product discovery team in patient enrolment value stream to enhance collaboration in all stakeholders during product discovery


  • Integrated the compliance activities into agile product development lifecycle than confining to phase gates


  • Slipped defect density ( defects slipped to production ) reduced in 30% which incrementally resulted in improved patient delight index

Improved Synergy between Business, IT & Compliance teams to Accelerate time to market in a large Local Bank

Founder & Enterprise Agile Coach: Agility Tune Up

Problems - Pains and Objectives

  • Digital, Core & Retail  banking business unit faced multiple challenges to release several products to market due to poor communication and dependencies between teams

  • Improving lead time from idea to done was one important objective. 

Key Challenges during transformation

  • Compliance department had considerable decision making power and requirements tend to change at the compliance phase

  • Due to special skills compliance department members hold they were afraid of loosing their jobs with agile transformation

  • Product owners lacked clarity and experience on Agile PO role

  • Establishing ScrumMaster role was challenging due to lack of proper career path

Key Improvements and Results

  • Formed executive action team to to make important decisions around process/ policy and structure level changes


  • Coached compliance teams on importance of engaging from the beginning of release cycle and integrated compliance to product development life cycle


  • Introduced an RPA solutions to minimize repetitive complex compliance activities and it helped to improve definition of done of sprint to realize potentially shippable product increment


  • Coached PO to lead product level decisions


  • Worked with HR to redefine job descriptions and career paths of compliance members and ScrumMasters

  • Teams were able to bring down average lead time ( idea to done from 90 days to 68 days in first cycle of transformation

Improved communication & minimized  dependencies between multiple functional groups of a large telco to drive pace of innovation by aligning teams to value streams

Enterprise Agile Coach : Agility Tune up

Problems - Pains and Objectives

  • A large telco intended  excel in delivery of  home based experience to their high value customers.

  • Objective was to deliver a converged product offering instead of  individual products ( mobile, broadband, TV )in line with consumer behaviors, trends, analytics and with best-in-class service and customer experience


  • This required many improvements & innovations through out the product & sales lifecycle. To implement this, multiple functional teams ( product, marketing, business intelligence, development ( ML & AI ) and sales teams work with high alignment. Current Structure & Team design didn't allow this collaboration

  • Pace of innovation Index ( ( lead time of new idea to test & validate with stakeholders ) was really low

Key Improvements and Results

  • Led a value stream identification & mapping workshop with leadership of these multiple teams to identify blockers to communicate and align


  • Ran agile maturity assessment to further discover problem and validate our assumptions


  • 1-1 leadership interviews with key leaders of the teams to identify their pains and potential to re-align the teams around value streams


  • Ran  open space style brainstorming followed by problem solving sessions to identify pros and cons to re-align these functional teams around value streams


  • As part of minimum viable change we aligned marketing & business intelligence teams to value streams


  • As part of this Product increment plantings were able to run smoothly and reduced dependencies. 


  • Pace of innovation index improved in 20%

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