Misty Woodland

Welcome to 25 day Agile Detox

Uncover The Agile Leader in You

There is a great leader in you.

Sometime this leader is concealed in our own thoughts, perceptions and believes.  

Let me invite you to this unique journey into deep exploration of your agile leadership.

The Journey take simple approach to evoke transformation of yourself by first clensing your own mindset that blocks  revealing your Agile leader. As you clense your mind it becomes easy to follow simple steps towards sustainable shift with 

Awareness-Clarity-Alignment & Choice

25 day Agile Detox has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share this journey with you. Come join me. 

Step into the beautiful space of being….


Beauty of Emergence

While I was in the garden today morning, I asked myself how much coaching & gardening relate to each other. These beautiful flowers are...

About 25 Day Agile Detox

Welcome & Congratulations You have made an important choice about yourself. This program is focused on being not doing …. There are no...

Before Day 1!

This program is much about connecting with your self. Highly recommend to step in to this journey with a simple habit which helps you to...


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