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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This program is much about connecting with your self. Highly recommend to step in to this journey with a simple habit which helps you to connect with your self. Something that helps you to feel calm and comfortable.

Few simple ideas

· Take care of a plant, water them, watch how it flourish

· Start Reading a Book

· Meditate

· Simple Exercise routine

Few simple tools that will make your joureny exiting and insightful

And you need a pen & notepad to journal your thoughts

If you are familiar with Personal agility priorities map, this is the best time to use it.

If you want to give a try, please check out my next post. But you can always use a note pad and pen or digital journal book like

Purpose this program

· Discover Agile Leader in you

· Discover your strengths & Limitations

· Build clarity & confidence for you to make important choices

"This Program is not an Agile Training with a focus to Develop Agile competency."

Who will benefit from this Program?

Anyone currently serving in Agile Team/organization who wants to Discover the Agile Leader in them

What Helps you to Succeed in this 25-day Journey

To Have..

  • Curiosity to go on deep discovery about your self

  • Trust the process. Be kind to yourself, change need time and patience.

  • Enjoy and dance in the moment with what get reveals about yourself than planning or too much anticipation about future.

Power Tip 1 to Succed

If you work with others who go through this journey, sharing thoughts, having great conversations, the results would be double.

Become a member and create a discussion in the forum

Power Tip 2

This Program is Based on Co-Active Leadership Model. If you wish to, you can read this book online free. This is completely optional

All set I will see you all from 6th September 2021 to headstart our journey!

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