Personal Agility: Create a Wholesome Human Being

Personal Agility System is a simple coaching-based framework to help you be or become who you want to be. At the heart of PAS you find:

• Purpose – Align what you do with what really matters.

• Celebration – Celebrate what you got done, even if it was different than what you planned or intended.

• Choice – Choose how to spend your time. You probably have too much to do, so choose things that matter first.

• Emergence – Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Together with others you can become something bigger.

• Kindness – Be kind to yourself. You are doing the best you can, given the situation at hand

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Personal Agility Priorities Map

Priorities Map is one of the simple, powerful tool from personal agility framework to improve your self-awareness, growth mindset & Alignment. Purpose is not being precise. There are no rules. if you could not do something as you planned, please don’t feel guilty, you are just being a human being. Most important thing is watch for pattern and what message/story it tries to tell you. Life is like an ocean you are the captain of the Ship. See how you navigate towards your destination using priorities map

Getting Started with Manual Priorities Map

Please download map from below location and follow same below steps from step 04

Getting Started with Digital Map

1. Create a free account in Trello

2. Join this Trello board using the link.

3. Copy board for your own use. Go to menu> click More and copy board

04. Author your life purpose. (Write simply what comes to your mind. If you have not thought deeply about your life purpose, I invite you to trust this process of 25 days, it will beautifully emerge.)

05 Write down what really matters in your life (Health, fitness, Quality time with family) Its better to keep this list less than 7. I invite to include your Agile leadership as one of what really matters since you joined this program to uncover your agile leader. Don’t be bothered to put items in correct order. you will realize them eventually.

06 Write what you could do in next 1-2 weeks in possibilities column… These could be items related to what really matters. You will have items that you need, or you could do which are not related to what really matters as well. That is perfectly fine. Write what comes to your mind. Then very importantly if your possibilities are related to what really matters, give same color you gave for that what really matters.

07 Choose what you want to do in this week. Again, without force, without guilt & stress, follow your intuitions. Put them in this week column.

08 Start your day with 5 minutes of planning with priorities map. Put what you want to do to today column. And urgent ones in urgent column. Today column should have most important tasks to achieve to end the day with satisfaction.

09 As you keep accomplishing your work, move them to done column. Give yourself hi five and celebrate the moment. Be grateful.

10 Weekly Celebration. Now you have reached end of the week. It could be a Saturday or Sunday. Choose a convenient date and time to spend minimum 20 minutes with yourself. Move remaining cards you have accomplished to done column and celebrate, give yourself a hi five. Be grateful for people who supported you. Ask from yourself how are you, how do you feel. Listen to your inner voice.

11. Choose

What do you think at the end of the week, if your priorities map looked like below

Yes, you have accomplished great stuff … congratulations. And its indeed a great reason to celebrate. But also see the patterns. You have only done stuff related to your company. What about your health? Your family? What about Agile leadership or things that make you happy.

Intention is not to feel guilty or stress. But develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and thoughtfully observe reflections of your life to see if you are living aligned to what really matters.

Taking ownership is about making choices about your life without sweep away with storms in life. Make choices the take your ship towards your destination without abandoning the ship but adapting to storms.

So move the cards in done column in done week 1, because you are going to start new week. One important feature of priorities map is breadcrumb trail. You can see how you have been spending your time in life using breadcrumb trail. (done week1, done week 2, done week 3 ) you can see the patterns of your life.

Time to time, its good to look back in your life and see where are you coming from, what have your or what have you not accomplished? Its not to dwell in the past but make important decisions for present

New week just above to begin, you have celebrated what you done, made reflections about your life, and now think, what you could do this week. Fill possibilities column. Choose what you want to do this week from possibilities column and put them to this week. Be happy and be ready for new week.

This is a simple powerful tool to practice to take control of your life through self awareness, acceptance, alignment. As you grow your these capabilities in your life you can celebrating and choosing your life.

Since you are in a journey to uncover you Agile leadership, this will immensely help you. We believe person as a whole, So its important your emerge as a whole person not just agile leadership.

A resourceful, wholesome human being is the key to uncover the Agile leadership in you.

Please feel free to check upcoming personal agility workshops and coaching cohorts.

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