About 25 Day Agile Detox

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Welcome & Congratulations

You have made an important choice about yourself.

This program is focused on being not doing …. There are no rules, no restrictions, so enjoy.

Step into the beautiful space of being….

We start our next corhort on Monday 6th September

from 6th September onwards, you will go through a creative process of revealing your agile leader. I completetly trust that you got all the capability to make wonderful discoveries about yourself..


Gift yourself minimum 15-30 minutes to detox yourself and uncover true Agile Leader in you. I will be sending a simple guide to each day for next 25 days. Please subscribe and join as member to interact in forums

To power support your journey I have team and group coaching corhorts.

Please contact me to check upcoming Agile Detox Coaching Cohorts

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