"5 Ps"​ Personal Agility Gifted Me to Celebrate & Choose My Life

You are a product of your own thoughts. What you think, you become. This was such a true statement to me always. About three years ago, I thought my life was an ocean of priorities, and I am a sailor who lost the compass. So, I happened to become a very busy person just as I thought. I was always steam rolling to move forward not knowing to say “No”.

I was afraid if I can do them all? But never asked myself what “Doing all of them” means to me. As an agile coach, trainer, speaker, and certified scrum trainer/ coach candidate, I was juggling between work and life priorities. I was finding a pragmatic way to apply agile & scrum principles to my own life.

The stress and exhaustion kept me demanding breaks & getaways. This dimmed my creativity and self-doubt started rising.

I came across Personal Agility framework by Peter Stevens & Maria Matarelli. Though it’s not a magic wand, the magic started working in my life when I really embraced it not as a tool but as a habit. I started realizing Personal Agility is a coaching framework which awake my inner voice, which keeps me cognizant to what really matters to me. Below are the 5 Ps of personal agility that keeps me in harmony and guide me towards my vision.


It’s not Doing Everything, it’s About Focusing What Really Matters.

Personal Agility begins asking a powerful question “What really matters to you?” We used to do many things in life. Certain decision, certain actions, could drift us away from our Purpose. Or being too busy could hinder us discovering our true-life purpose. Practicing personal Agility helped me to emphasize my purpose more and more. This is the magic making moment. The moment you become conscious about your purpose, it become easy to let go certain priorities which kept playing tricks in your mind pretending to be a priority.


Understand What You Like Vs What You Are Passionate About

I am always used to be a passionate person. But as the endless priorities started piling up, it was not easy for me to focus on my passion. I was always working on urgent things. So, the moment I get a break, I used to pamper myself in social media or shopping or eating junk food. This really ate my valuable time and pulled me off by focusing on true passion to speak, train & coach. With my life purpose coming to prominence, I started realizing what I like e.g. roaming in social media vs what I passionate about. I aligned my breaks to ignite my passion. I started listening to soothing music, taking a yoga class, a nap of meditation or listening to mindfulness coach.

Be-aware! spend your breaks, getaways wisely that rejuvenate your true passions.


You are a zombie if you are not enjoying with people that matters to you.

I had lots of excuses those days to spend less time with my family. Work, Travel, Assignments, speeches, conferences. But without people in your heart you could look like a zombie. My priorities map is a real reflection if I am going to become a zombie. I always consider my family is my priority. But reality often was a different story. With personal agility, it started visualizing my life. “What matters to me”, “what did I do last week”, “what I am planning to do this week”. This visualization really helped me to keep me grounded and spend quality time with people I love.

Everyone has its own journey, sometimes you can’t expect them to understand you all the time. But keep them aware the journey you are going through. Because those who understand can become great partners to help each other. My son is a great strength to me. I help him to understand What really matters to him as well as What Really Matters to me. We are partners to strengthen each other’s journey. We paddle the life together, Above is a what my son drew with me expressing what really matters to him.

You cannot expect everyone in your life to understand your journey. But if you don’t tell anyone, No one will do. Make few people partners of your journey, Paddle together.


When you feel like giving up remember the reason you started.

There are days I feel giving up and wanting me to switch off myself from everything. My priorities map is like a journal of a sailor. It keeps reminding me what matters to me, what I have achieved so far. What challenges, sacrifices I made to be here? It keeps me inspired.


Wandering too much in past or future can lead to anxiety and self-doubt. My priority map is a great tool to release my thoughts into actions so I can be in the present moment.

Your Past is like a mirror. It’s okay to look at the mirror. But If you stand too long in front of mirror, you will be late to meet your present opportunities. Act now.

These 5 Ps of Personal Agility are helping me immensely to achieve what really matters to me. This is not to say my life is Perfect . Life has always its ups and downs. But my life is provoked with Personal Agility. Today I am a personal Agility Practitioner, keep focusing what really matters to me and helping others also to find what matters to them. I choose, I celebrate my life. I see my fear of losing the site of shore is fading away.

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